izzy sheratzki | Biography

Izzy Sheratzky is a businessman and the president of Ituran,
a company that offers unique and comprehensive location, tracking and communication solutions for vehicles, cargo, valuables and personnel. Mr. Sheratzky began investing in Kiryat Shemona in 2000. At the time, the city faced serious security problems and was continuously bombarded by missiles from Lebanon. As a result, it was practically impossible to hold any social events. This was when the businessman from Tel Aviv decided to get involved, and contribute something to the welfare of the citizens of this northern town who were unable to live a stable and quiet existence.Initially, Mr. Sheratzky contributed to the welfare of the city in the form of soup kitchens, subsidized dental clinics for the needy, paying for high school teachers to give lessons in the high schools, etc. As he began to meet more people in Kiryat Shemona, he realized that one of the central and most effective ways in which the spirits of the local residents could be lifted was football. He decided to sponsor the local football team, Ironi Kiryat Shemona, which was then at the bottom of the regional league, and later named it“Ituran Kiryat Shemona”.

From the first day with the team, Sheratzky promised that although it was at the bottom of the league, it would quickly reach the top and even succeed in Europe. At the time, this sounded like an impossible dream, but if at first the new owner seemed to be naïve, it became apparent that he knew what he was talking about. Proof of how serious Sheratzky was, became apparent during the first season when the team reached the nationwide league where it stayed for two years. After that the team reached the national league. It took Sheratzky another year to adjust, and in the third year the Kiryat Shemona club (2006-07) made it to the highest tier in Israel, the Premier (Super) league.

Under the management of sheratzky, Kiryat Shmona has become to be one of the top clubs in Israeli football. in a short time the team has participated in Europe, won the state championship, play the playoff stage of the Champions League, took part in the group stage of the Europa League and recently won the National Cup. Taking the fans Kiryat Shmona ask only one thing from Mr. srtzki: “Just keep dreaming”.

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